Pholcidae Poster Content

Introduction Social behavior among animal species has been a diverse area of study for many decades. These social behaviors are most often specific to an individual species morphology and behavioral traits. Small fish known as Trinidadian guppies are known as a mobile social group. They travel in large schools to better protect themselves from predators, … More Pholcidae Poster Content

Theraphosid Project Proposal

Co-written by Morgan Tupper Mentor: Dr. Karen Cangialosi Changes in Territorial Organization of Lasiodora cristata (Aranaea) Given Changes in Environmental Stimuli Introduction Background and Significance The immense and wide ranging diversity of Arthropods contributes to the Phylums deep rooted speciation in all habitable corners of the world.  This species richness and variance pertains to over … More Theraphosid Project Proposal

Isopod Behavior Laboratory

Part I: Constructing an Experiment to Measuring Habitat Preference We believe that Porcellio scaber (a woodland dwelling lice) will have a higher affinity for environments with increased moisture, when presented with an option against a dry substrate.  Therefore, if we place several Isopod subjects in an terrarium with various choices of substrate (sand, soil, peat … More Isopod Behavior Laboratory

Cricket Ethogram

For the start of the Fall 2019 semester in our Animal Behavior, 300 level biology class we were given a simple assignment. Take home several crickets provided by the department and watch them. We were to construct an ethogram based upon our observations to share and discus during class time. Dr. Brockmann of the University … More Cricket Ethogram

Turks & Caicos Blog II

Day 5: 5/16/19 It was now Thursday, and we had officially been deemed certified, competent open-water divers.  We traveled out to West Caicos and dove twice, the first site being the Gully, while the second was named Driveway.  Once again the nomenclature directly corresponded features of the dive sites.  The Gully boasted the first crevasse … More Turks & Caicos Blog II

Phylum Chordata

One of the last phylum’s I will cover at this time is that of the chordates.  I chose to leave this one for the end of the semester due to its significance to us as humans, in that we are vertebrate Chordates!  Often a subject of confusion surrounding Chordates lies within their diagnostic aspects.  To … More Phylum Chordata